If you have made the decision that you would like some live music at any part of your wedding, then Shimmer can help. Because Shimmer offer both acoustic, and sequenced styles of music, we can cover any part of your wedding day; from easy listening background music at your ceremony, through to up-tempo dance music at your wedding reception.

Wedding Ceremony

At your wedding ceremony, many people like the idea of some live background music to be performed as light entertainment as your guests arrive.


When your bridal party arrives, you may then have a special song that you would like to have played as the party makes the entrance. Here you have the choice of Shimmer performing this, or alternatively, you may opt to arrange for Shimmer to play a CD of your song.

Next, you may want Shimmer to perform a song while the marriage certificate is signed, and then again once you have been announced Bride and Groom. Shimmer may then continue with some more light music for the congratulations, and as the party leave the ceremony.


After the ceremony, and before the reception formally begins, a Bride and Groom may include Canapes/pre-dinner drinks, and may also like Shimmer to provide some more background acoustic music at this part of the day. Pre-dinner drinks may either be in either the same room as the reception, or may be in another room, such as an entrance hallway, at the same venue. Whichever it is, Shimmer will discuss and organise this with you.


If you are booking Shimmer for both pre-dinner drinks, and for the shortly to follow reception, we can setup two different sets of sound equipment, so that all we need to do is transfer the onstage instruments and microphones from one room to another.

Wedding Reception

This part of the day/evening that typically has the most activities. Apart from the live music that Shimmer can provide for you, we will discuss with you the proposed layout for the whole evening, and liaise closely with the MC on the night to make sure everything fits together smoothly. Shimmer will need to fit in both the live performances, as well as the in-between CD/DJ music with other events such as

  • People being seated
  • The arrival of the wedding party
  • The entrance of the Bride and Groom
  • Various announcement, such as the serving of meals
  • Speeches
  • Any games and event that may be organized (for example Garter, single mans games, Bouquet)
  • Cake cutting
  • Bridal waltz
  • Bride and Groom leaving


Typically, the initial part of the night, before and during dinner, and before the bridal waltz and the dancing part of the night, Shimmer will continue with a relaxing acoustic selection of songs, with mellow easy listening CD music between the live performances. Once the night comes to the time of the bridal waltz, Shimmer will typcially pick up the pace and volume, for some fun and dancing!