I am interested in what Shimmer has to offer, what is my next step?
The first thing to do is to contact Shimmer via email, and just tell us briefly what sort of function/event, and the date if known, for which you are inquiring about our services. Shimmer will then get back to you, with any answers to any questions, and from there, if you are considering hiring us; we will enter some more in-depth discussions on your needs.
I have spoken to Shimmer, and want to hire you, how do I lock a booking in?
The only way we can lock in a booking, is that once both parties are happy with all arrangements, is to receive a deposit. If you are interested, but not sure yet, we can make a note of your interest in our diary, but that date cannot be guaranteed until we have the deposit, otherwise out diary would be full of just enquiries that may clash with someone else who definitely wants to go ahead.
Can we use Shimmer's sound equipment for speeches and announcements?
Absolutely! We can provide you with a wireless microphone to use for the night to cover any speeches, and announcements, so you need not be tethered to the stage/performance area.
Do you travel to the country?
We do prefer to stay within the Perth metropolitan area, as depending on how far out of the city, travelling expenses can become large. However, we do not strictly rule out non-metropolitan venues, so you are still welcome to send us an enquiry.
Do you require power, and if so, how much?
Even for background acoustic music, we do normally use a small compact PA system. Even though we are amplified, we can have the volume as low as we need. For this PA system, just a single 10amp power point is sufficient. If the venue is located where there is no power, we will then need to add the cost of the hire of a small portable generator to supply the power. If, however, you feel that a room would not require any sort of amplification, then we can discuss that as well. For much larger rooms, and in particularly if we are playing sequenced dance music, then we typically use a larger PA complete with subwoofers, and so require a lot more power. Ideally for this, we will need 2x 10 amp power points.
Is there any other extra equipment I will need for my wedding/event?
You may wish to check that your venue provides a stage, (or raised area), for the band, and, for events where you expect people may want to dance, (e.g. a wedding reception) a dance floor. We do not require a stage, or raised area, but it will make the band more visible. This, or course, entirely depends on the nature of the event. For example, you may not consider this as very important for a wedding ceremony, or a pre-dinner drinks function. Likewise, the dance floor depends on the event, though is highly recommended if people are expected to dance.
You talk about performing as a "sequenced trio". What is a sequenced trio?
A sequenced trio is a band where there are three people, singing and/or playing instruments, that is augmented by "backing tracks". The backing tracks will cover those instruments that are not covered by the performing trio, for example drums and bass. Shimmer uses custom tailored high quality midi files as their backing, that provide a dynamic full band sound, unlike some other "sequenced" bands that come off sounding fake and tinny. By being sequenced, Shimmer can get a full band sound and cover a lot greater range of music that a band consisting of three people could otherwise do. This configuration is highly desirable when covering the dance orientated music such as Shimmer provides, especially when supplied though our larger PA system configuration that includes sub-woofers for a full bottom end bass beat. With Shimmer, the backing tracks augment what we already do, NOT the other way around.
Do I need to hire a DJ to look after the music when Shimmer is having a break?
No, you do not need a DJ. This is included as part of our service and this is also part of what we will discuss with you when we are organising your event's entertainment. We do not just put on some random compilation CD, we will discuss this with you in as much detail as you like, so that you have full input to what type of music, any specific songs you would like us to include. This includes any music you may like as an introduction to some event such as the cutting of a wedding cake, or presenting of an award. Shimmer will have a custom playlist set for your event, which of course still leaves the music open for change, for example requests on the night. However, if you have a favorite DJ that you really want to use, then we are one hundred percent happy with this. We will with work with them all of the way to make sure the nights entertainment as a whole is seamless.
Do the band require any meals/drinks?
This totally depends on the event, what time it is, and how long the band is hired for. If, for example, the band is doing a wedding reception or formal dinner, we would ask if we could be provided with at least a "service meal", and some refreshments, so that we can keep our energy up, and provide the best service for you.
Can I hear what the band sound like?
Yes, we provide two demo tracks on this web site, one an acoustic track, and the other is sequenced. Each track contains snippets of typical songs we do to give you an idea of what to expect.