Corporate Events

Since 2010, Shimmer have provided corporate entertainment at some of Perth's most prestigious venues. Events such as company presentation nights, yacht club Commodore Balls, Christmas functions, sporting trophy nights for clubs ranging from football, netball, and motor racing, Shimmer have covered them all.

table Whatever the occasion, the addition of live music to accompany the night's proceeding can really add to the atmosphere and enjoyment of your guests. Shimmer can switch between acoustic/sequenced styles depending on the pace required for each part of your event.

claremont2 Each event is unique, and may range from being casual drinks, a cocktail night, or fully formal including pre-dinner drinks, dinner, presentations, and then later "party" dancing.

As an example, consider a presentation night, that includes a dinner, some speeches, some awards, and then later some more lively entertainment." trophies

Shimmer can begin by performing a stylish acoustic set as guests are arriving, mingling, having their pre-dinner drinks, and perhaps finding their way to their table for the formal dinner. While dinner is in progress, Shimmer can continue performing soft elegant acoustic dinner music, and/or provide CD backing music while people are eating.

The dinner may then be followed with some formal speeches, and or presentations. Shimmer will provide the amplification for the speakers to use so that everyone can hear what they are saying. Once all the formalities are out of the way, people may be ready to "let their hair down"" a little, and want some more up-tempo dance music. If you think you will need some dancing music, then Shimmer can then switch over to sequenced mode to service this part of the night.

shimmervenue Each event is unique, so if you are not sure about anything, please don't hesitate in contacting Shimmer with any questions. Shimmer will be more than happy to provide you with any information, and would be privileged to be part of your special event.